We do not only offer excellent grinding ball making machines , but also perfect after sales-service. For machines after sales-service is very important. choosing top leader manufacturer , enjoying perfect after sales-service.
Inquiry Stage

1 . When receive emails , reply within 1 working day
2 . Design specific programs according to your requirement.

Visit Stage

1 . Welcome to visit our factory
2 . You can also visit many our customers factories to see our grinding ball making machine running information.

Production Stage

1 . Offer foundation drawing within 1 months after signing contract
2 . Inform the production progress and offer pictures every month
3 . Customers can supervise the production schedule and perform quality inspection during the production period
4 . Tell customers the quantity , weight , volume and containers needed before delivery.

Delivery Stage

Share loading pictures of each containers

Installation And After sales-service

1. We will arrange 2-3 engineers to guide installation.
2. Reply any questions from customers within 1 working days.
3. Offer users with complete,accurate,and detailed technical information for producing grinding balls.
4. Offer customers with technology,maintenance,operation theory and training.
5. Lifetime service.
6. Equip with professional after sales-service worker to offer follow-up service.
7. Provide various spare parts and wearing parts at a reasonable price.
8. Offer 24 hours service for equipment malfunction and help eliminate errors in time.

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