Heat treatment equipment

industrial heat treatment furnace
1) The whole equipment is controlled by PLC, and the operation is very convenient; Continuous operation can greatly improve production efficiency and economic benefits, compared with the ordinary quenching can save 40%-55% of power; 2) The equipment has good operation stability, and the quenching process is strictly implemented by PLC after setting, eliminating the influence of human factors on product quality to ensure stable product quality; 3) The power of the equipment is 0-100% adjustable, convenient to adapt to different products, and can save electricity to the greatest extent; 4) The lower part of the furnace body is provided with a slag collecting tank, which automatically collects the oxide, the lower part of the heating furnace wire is suspended design, does not contact the oxide, reduces the probability of short circuit between the furnace wires, and significantly prolonging the life, and the exchange of the furnace wire can be easily exchanged outside the furnace, convenient and fast, and saves a lot of cold furnace time; 5) Optimized design can reduce the cost of heat-resistant steel parts and consumption; 6) GKW series equipment, can be used for both quenching and tempering (can be added in the PLC control program).
Product Advantage:

The operation is very convenient, save power;

Equipment operation stability is good, product quality is stable;

Convenient and fast, save time;

reduce cost

Product detail diagram

  • industrial heat treatment furnace

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