Chrome Mill Ball Production Line ZQJX-630-F4

Chrome Mill Ball Production Line
The production line is designed by Ningguo Zhicheng company, adopts PLC intelligent automatic program control, which has the advantages of safety and energy-saving, high automation degree, stable product quality, high production efficiency, and simple operation.

It is widely used in the production of casting grinding balls, crankshaft, camshaft, brake drum, wheel hub, end cover flange, traction wheel, machine base, casting ball, casting section, water meter, etc. This grinding balls making machine has improved the working conditions of workers and improved the quality of products. Technology and equipment performance in the domestic is at the leading level.

ZQJX-630-F4 Chrome Mill Ball Production Line is used to producegrinding steel balls . t can produce grinding media ball from Dia 40mmto Dia 150mm . The capacity is from 5000 ton grinding ball in cast to10000 ton grinding ball in cast every year . The whole Steel grinding balproduction line just need 4 main workers . The grinding ball mold size inthis production line is 630mm " 630mm .
Product Advantage:

safety and energy-saving, high automation degree, stable product quality, high production efficiency, and simple operation.

Production capacity from 5000 tons to 15000 tons.

Only four main workers are needed for the production line.

Product detail diagram

  • Chrome Mill Ball Production Line
  • casting machine
  • Chrome Mill Ball Production Line ZQJX-630-F4
  • Chrome Mill Ball Production Line ZQJX-630-F4
  • Chrome Mill Ball Production Line ZQJX-630-F4

Product Introduction

Function of Chrome Mill Ball Production Line:

Automatic grinding media ball production line adopts sand coated in metal mold cavity technology. It is used to produce casting chrome grinding media from Dia 40mm to Dia 150mm.These casting chrome grinding media  is widely used in mining industry,cement plant,power plant,etc. The grinding media ball production line control mode is automatic PLC & intelligent remote service.Equipped with PLC automatic control and touching screen .Operators can monitor the whole grinding media production process by touching screen. If there is any problem,it can automatically alarm. All control box has emergency stop button.It also has the ability of remote maintenance&remote diagnose failure functions

Main Parts of Grinding Ball Casting Line:

Pouring station

Pushing grinding media mold machine

Changing direction & lifting grinding ball mold station

Motorized roller,Open mold station

Grinding ball coming out from mold station

Vibrating used sand machine

Intelligent temperature control station

Molding sand station

Close mold station

The Production Process of Grinding Media Ball Production Line :

Preheat grinding ball mold into a certain temperature-grinding ball mold into molding station and shooting sand-operatorchecks ( if the sand is not shot well into the mold cavity he operator will repair this pa ) Close mold-pouring molten metalliquid-opening mold then grinding ball coming out from the mold-cleaning the residual sand-shooting sand again.

In our factory , ZZJX-630-F4 chrome grinding media mill ball is widely sold

ZQJX-630-F4 Mill ball casting line technical parameters

Floor spaceL37m*W12m
Driving modeBy hydraulic
Installed capacity100kw
Air CompressorGas consumption is 3/min
Working pressure is 0.8Mpa
The fastest running speed per mold without loading≤40 second/mold
Control modeAutomatic PLC+Intelligent remote service
Main Workers neededFour people
Grinding ball mold size630*630mm
Grinding ball mold Qty needed78 pairs

The production time of mill ball automatic molding line is about 5 months

Our grinding ball molding line has exported to Congo,Zimbabwe,Outer Mongolia, Zambia,South Africa,Malawi,Vietnam,etc.

For a complete ZQJX-630-F4 grinding ball production line,it needs about 10+pcs 40 OT containers (It mainly depends on how many size mold do you need)

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2.20+Years manufacture experience.

3.We have sold out 200+Grinding ball making machines. Customers are the best way to prove the quality of our grinding ball molding lines.

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