Grinding balls making machine

The grinding balls making machine is designed by Ningguo Zhicheng company, adopts PLC intelligent automatic program control, which has the advantages of safety and energy-saving, high automation degree, stable product quality, high production efficiency, and simple operation. It is widely used in the production of casting grinding balls, crankshaft, camshaft, brake drum, wheel hub, end cover flange, traction wheel, machine base, casting ball, casting section, water meter, etc. This grinding balls making machine has improved the working conditions of workers and improved the quality of products. Technology and equipment performance in the domestic is at the leading level. Grinding balls making machine consists of sand molding device, tilting type pouring system, iron mold opening, and closing position, flipping down material position, etc. It can produce casting grinding balls from dia30mm to 130mm with two types. The annual productivity is from 5 000tons to 15 000 tons.
Product Advantage:

With a rigid sand mold shell, the sand mold’s overall strength is high, does not deform, its adaptability is wide, the easy casting de-molding, and the positioning is reliable, the precision is high.

Molding speed is fast, no need for any painting

The cast-iron mold has the chilling process during the process of the liquid metal crystallization. The grain size of the castings can be finer so that to increase the strength of the castings.

The cavities of the mold, which consists of iron mold and thin sand, has high rigidity, small deformation, and fast cooling features after locking, so it can make the casting with high precision, small machining allowance, and dense structure, which is especially suitable for the grinding balls.

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  • Grinding balls making machine


Grinding balls

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