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Zimbabwe Complete Automated Grinding Ball Making Equipment 2019-04-29

Complete Automated Grinding Ball Making Equipment For Zimbabwe Customer

Sam is good customer of our company.He comes from Zinbabwe.Every big holiday,he will send wishes to me.I am very appreciated.

The first time,we received inquiry from Sam in 2015.Compared with other customers,he knows how to produce cast grinding balls and he always produces grinding ball by hand mold.Why he wants to produce by our grinding ball casting line.He says that he wants to improve grinding ball capacity and the cost of workers are very expensive in his country.Our grinding ball production line just need four wokers.It is very suitable for them.

Talking a long time about grinding ball making equipment in 2015,then he and his workmates visited our factory in this year.But for the first time visit,he did not place order.

In January,2016.I remembered that it was very cold that day and it was suffering an heavy snow.This is the second time that he visited to us.This time,he just visited our factory site and did not visit our customers site.After talking some details about grinding ball making machines,he told to us that he would sign contract with us today.On 26th,January,2016,he singed the contract with us.These contract included 1set complete grinding ball making machines,1set oil quenching furnace for grinding balls,1 set tempering furnace,297 paris grinding ball metal mould.

In November,2016.Sam and his workmates visited us again.This time,he purchase another equipment.Automatic Pouring machine.So on 9th,2016,we signed another contract with him.He says that the quality of your grinding ball making machines are really best.

Now,sam always purchase other equipments from us  irregularly.In 2018,he purchase another grinding ball mold from us.

Share some pictures about loading grinding ball equipments for Sam.

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