Grinding ball making machine
Vietnam Automatic Casting Grinding Media Ball Molding Line 2019-04-29

Automatic Casting Grinding Media Ball Molding Line For Vietnam Customer

In Vietnam,there are many grinding ball manufacturers for cement plant.This cutomer from Vietnam also knows how to produce grinding balls.They produce grinding balls many many years.To improve their capacity and save labour cost,they choose our grinding balls production line.As their capacity is not very big,the choose ZQJX-630-F4 grinding ball machine lines. As a professional grinding media balls manufacturer,it is very easy to introduce our automatic mill ball molding line to them.In December,2018,they signed contract with us.

As they are very urgent,Ningguo Zhicheng Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd just spent 4 months to produce ZQJX-630-F4 automatic mill ball molding line.As from Vietnam to China is not far and they are very urgent,in transporation,they choose land transporation.We used 6 big trucks to HUU NGHI and the customer picked up our grinding media equipment in HUU NGHI.

On the beginning of May,2019.Our factory arranged two engineers to guide installation.Now Everything goes well.Shared part pictures loading in our factory and in customer factory.

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