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Understanding of coated sand 2022-01-12

1,The characteristics of coated sand: it has suitable strength performance; With good fluidity, the sand mold and sand core are clear in outline and compact in structure, which can produce complex sand cores. The surface quality of sand mold (core) is good, the surface roughness can reach Ra=6.3 ~ 12.5μm, and the dimensional accuracy can reach CT7 ~ CT9 level. Good collapsibility,casting is easy to clean 

2,Scope of application: coated sand can make casting and sand core, coated sand type or core can be used with each other and other sand (core) with the use; It can not only be used for metal type gravity casting or low pressure casting, but also for iron type sand casting, and can also be used for thermal centrifugal casting; It can not only be used for the production of cast iron and non-ferroalloy castings, but also for the production of steel castings.

3,Composition of coated sand:Coated sand is generally composed of refractories, binders, curing agents, lubricants and special additives

4,Production process of coated sand:The preparation process of coated sand mainly includes three kinds of cold coated sand, temperature coated sand and hot coated sand. At present, the production of coated sand is almost using hot coated sand. Thermal laminating process is to heat the original sand to a certain temperature, and then respectively with resin, urotropic water solution and calcium stearate mixing, cooling and crushing and screening. Due to the difference of formula, mixing technology is different. At present, there are many kinds of domestic coated sand production lines, there are about 2000~2300 semi-automatic production lines for manual feeding, and there are nearly 50 automatic production lines controlled by computers, which effectively improve production efficiency and product stability. For example, the automatic visual production line of XX Casting Co., LTD., whose feeding time control is accurate to 0.1 seconds, heating temperature control is accurate to 1/10℃, and can always observe the sand mixing state through video, the production efficiency reaches 6 tons/hour.

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