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The Leading Automatic Grinding Ball Equipment Manufacturer in China 2019-04-29

As we all know,Ningguo Zhicheng Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is located in the biggest production base for cast grinding balls.In boom period,there are over 200 grinding ball manufacturers.From then on,the boss of Ningguo Zhicheng Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd started to make grinding ball machines to these grinding ball manufacturers.Now it is more than 20 years.

At that time,most grinding media manufacturer produced grinding balls by grinding ball mold as the capacity is not very big and there are lot of workers.So our grinding ball mold are widely sold.No matter high chrome cast grinding balls or low chrome cast grinding balls,both need heat treatment.At the same time,our grinding ball heat treatment furnace are also widely sold.These time,the boss of Ningguo Zhicheng Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd mainly offer grinding ball making machines by hand.In these 200 grinding ball manufacturers,98% grinding ball producers purchase our casting grinding ball mold,heat treatment plant for mill balls,and grinding ball related equipment.In other places of China,90% grinding media ball manufacturers purchase our grinding media ball making machines.Practices makes perfect!Our casting ball metal mould,heat treatment process for high chrome balls,and other grinding ball related are widely sold and we gained more and more experience in designing and manufacturing.These experience helps us a lot in manufacturing grinding media ball molding lines.

In 2003,Ningguo Zhicheng Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd started to designing grinding steel ball production lines.At the beginning,this casting grinding ball making machine needs 8 workers to operate.It just can produce one size grinding ball one time.Now this casting ball production line just need 4 workers to operate and it can produce two size grinding ball one time.The capacity is much bigger than before.What is more,the grinding media produced by this automatic casting ball molding line has best quality

Till now,we have sold over 200 set chrome grinding ball molding lines,over 400 set grinding ball heat treatments,tens of thousands of casting grinding ball metal mold,

In China,Ningguo Zhicheng Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is the No.1 automatic grinding ball equipment manufacturer.Welcome to witness.

Automatic Grinding Ball Equipment Automatic Grinding Ball Production Line

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