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South Africa Complete Grinding Ball Casting Line 2019-04-29

Complete Grinding Ball Casting Line For South Africa

On 11th,January,2018,This customer from South Africa singed The Complete Grinding Ball Casting Line.In April,2018,they signed contract with us about sand equipment.In May,they signed another two contacts with us about induction furnace for grinding ball casting line and environmental equipments.

At the end of  October in 2018,we have already shipped all the grinding ball casting line,sand equipment,induction furnace and environmental equipments.It used 17 pcs of 40 OT containers for grinding ball casting line and environmental equipments.2 pcs of 40 OT and 2 pcs of FR for induction furnace .2 pcs of 40 OT containers for sand equipments.

Before our Chinese New Year,we almost have finished the installation about grinding ball production line.In 2019,we mainly guide install for grinding ball heat treatment furnace,induction furnace,sand equpment and environmental equipment.

About grinding ball production line,it is producing now.

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