Grinding ball making machine
  • Newly installation by Zhicheng
    2022-11-14 Newly installation by Zhicheng
    The production line ordered by the South African customer was officially put into production. Relying on the advantages of foundry equipment research and development accumulated over the years,Zhicheng adheres to technological innovation, especially the automatic iron mold coated sand production line covering overturns the traditional mode of the same industry,which truly realizes the intellectual...
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  • iron mold coated sand
    2022-08-09 iron mold coated sand
    Iron based coated sand, casting production technology. In the 1970 s, China's foundry workers in foundry industry at home and abroad study on the basis of combining the situation of our country developed a kind of special casting technology method, is different from the real mold casting sand mold casting, mold, V method casting, metal mold casting, shell mold casting, paraffin wax casting, cerami...
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  • Newly installation by Zhicheng
    2022-07-18 Newly installation by Zhicheng
    Zhicheng machine  recently installed production line in China has been successfully put into operation
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  • The production line for Gansu
    2022-04-29 The production line for Gansu
    This is the zhicheng brand casting ball production line ordered by domestic customers, which will be delivered to Gansu today
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  • automatic molten iron transfer system
    2022-04-07 automatic molten iron transfer system
    In casting enterprises, hot metal transfer vehicles have an important impact on the safety, cost and quality of the whole production system. The common hot metal transfer methods in casting workshops are: forklift transfer, crane transfer, crane + rail car transfer, but because they need to be completed manually, among them, the risk coefficient of hot metal handling is high. Therefore, the use of...
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  • Understanding of coated sand
    2022-01-12 Understanding of coated sand
    1,The characteristics of coated sand: it has suitable strength performance; With good fluidity, the sand mold and sand core are clear in outline and compact in structure, which can produce complex sand cores. The surface quality of sand mold (core) is good, the surface roughness can reach Ra=6.3 ~ 12.5μm, and the dimensional accuracy can reach CT7 ~ CT9 level. Good collapsibility,casting is e...
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