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iron mold coated sand 2022-08-09
Iron based coated sand, casting production technology. In the 1970 s, China's foundry workers in foundry industry at home and abroad study on the basis of combining the situation of our country developed a kind of special casting technology method, is different from the real mold casting sand mold casting, mold, V method casting, metal mold casting, shell mold casting, paraffin wax casting, ceramic casting, steel casting, casting method of a semi precision casting method, In this method, the metal model -- cast Iron model (so it is sometimes called Iron mold coated sand) and the cast Iron cavity close to the shape of the casting are used as the sand box Iron type. The close shape of the Iron type is covered with a layer of 6~10㎜ coated sand tire to form the casting mold for pouring into the casting -- that is, the Iron mold coated sand casting
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