Grinding ball making machine
Iron mold coated sand production line+automatic melton iron transfer system+pouring machine working video 2022-09-23
The whole sand coated molding line is made by 1 set “molding line”, 1 set “pouring line” and 2 sets “motorized rollers”.In the “molding line”,equipped with 2 sets “delivery mold machines”,which divide the “molding line” into “opening mold area”, molding area(shooting sand)” and “close mold area”. The 2 sets “motorized rollers” input or output mold for “molding line” and “pouring line”respectively,which helps “molding line” and “pouring line” work independently.This improves working efficiency.For example,if the speed of molding worker is slow or the speed of pouring worker is slow, they will not effect each other and help each other.
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