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Grinding Media Ball Production Line Working Process 2019-04-29

Brief Introduction About Grinding Media Ball Production Line VIdeo

Pouring machine:

We use crane to carry pouring ladle.Then covering the lid to keep warm.When pouring,grinding ball media ball production line can automatically press the mold.The pouring machine’s axle and the pouring ladle’s mouth are in the same line,so grinding ball making machine will not pour molten liquid in front or in behind of the grinding ball mold.The pouring ladle mouth can aims at the grinding ball mold sprue well.This station needs one worker.It is very safe to sit in the room operating.

One worker needed:

After pouring.maybe there is molten iron slag on the grinding ball mould.So this part also need one worker to clean it.

Changing direction and lifting mold machine

This is changing direction and lifting mold machine.This lifting mold function is very important.Because of this function,so the grinding ball mold in this roller table can easily move to that roller table.

Motorized roller table

This roller table also called motorized roller table.It only can move forward and not backwards.Even just one pair grinding ball mold ,it can also separates pouring area and moulding the molding area and pouring area will not effect each other.They work independently.This improves working efficiency.For example,if the speed of molding worker is slow or the speed of pouring worker is slow, they will not effect each other.

Open mold machine

This is open mold machine,it can automatically open the grinding ball mold.

Grinding ball coming out station

This is grinding ball coming out from the mold.

Vibrating used sand machine

This is vibrating used sand machine.For this part,it is difficult to clean the used sand in the shooting sand holes,but these sticks can easily insert in the holes and vibrating.So the used sand in the holes can take out easily.

One worker needed:

In this part,maybe the vibrating machine can not clean all the used sand in the grinding ball mold.then it will effect molding(shooting) new sand,later it will effect the quality of grinding also needs one worker to check.

Intelligent temperature control

This is intelligent temperature control.When the first time,we use the new grinding ball mould,we should heat the grinding ball mould by natural gas.When the mold temperature is high,it can automatically spray

Sending grinding ball mold machine

In this part,it can convey 4pcs grinding mold to the molding machine at the same time.It Improves production efficiency.

Molding machine and One worker needed:

This is molding machine(shooting sand machine).It can produce two different size grinding ball at the same time.The shooting sand head can move after molding (shooting )sand .If it can not move,the shooting sand nozzle ‘s sand will sinter because of the mold high temperature.The pattern area can easily drive out so it is easy to change other patterns.This part need one worker.

One worker needed:

After molding sand(shooting sand),it still need checking.

Colse grinding ball mold:

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