Grinding ball making machine
Grinding ball mold
Grinding ball mold

Grinding ball mold is used to produce different size grinding ball by hand.Grinding ball mould also has two types.One is grinding ball metal mould,the other is grinding ball sand box mould. Both producing grinding media are by hand.

Grinding Ball metal mould can produce grinding balls from Dia 20mm to Dia150mm.One pair grinding ball metal mould includes top mold and bottom mold.When production,it also need pattern.Usually,Dia 50mm mold,40 pairs mold needs 1 pcs 50mm pattern.The grinding media produced by grinding ball metal mould has beautiful surface,precise size,good quality.

Grinding ball Sand box mould can produce grinding balls from Dia10mm to Dia 30mm.It is made by sand box mould and pattern.From Dia 10mm to Dia 30mm,the sand box is the same size.Just the pattern is not the same.So producing different size grinding balls,just changing the pattern is ok. Compared with grinding ball metal mould,this sand box mould has high production in smaller size grinding ball.

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