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Congo Grinding Ball Making Machines 2019-04-29

Grinding Ball Making Machines For Congo Customers

In 2014,Ningguo Zhicheng Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd received an inquiry from customers in Congo.It shows that they want to bulid a grinding ball plant with capacity 10000 ton per year and they need all the grinding ball making machines.From grinding ball continuous caster,grinding ball heat treatment equipment,grinding ball die casting mould to grinding ball realted auxiliary equipment.But they do not know how to produce grinding media

In 2014,we offered all the detial information about grinding ball making equipment and how to produce cast grinding balls.Finally,On May 26th,2015,Congo customer signed the contract with us.The contract includes machines are 10000ton capacity grinding ball making machines, two set queching furnaces, two set tempering furnaces, grinding ball metal mould by hand for other smaller size grinding balls, four sets grinding ball separators,pouring ladles.

These grinding ball making machines spent us 5 months in producing.On 30th,December,2016,our engineers finished all the guide installation and debugging.Congo Customer highly speaks of Ningguo Zhicheng Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.They say Ningguo Zhicheng Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd does not only offer high qulaity grinding ball equipments but also very good after sales serivce,especially Sam Zhou,who offers all detial information about producing grinding balls and technical support.So the grinding media produced by them is warmly welcomed by the grinding ball users.

These pictures are shared by Congo customer.

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