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Iron Mold Coated Sand Casting Production Technology 2019-09-19
Iron mold coated sand casting production technology is a special casting technology method developed by Chinese foundry workers in the 1970s on the basis of domestic and foreign foundry peer research, combined with China’s national conditions. It is different from sand casting、Lost Mold Casting、V casting, metal casting, shell casting, paraffin casting, ceramic casting, and steel shot casting. It is a semi-precision casting method for casting methods.This technology adpots metal mold and coat 3-5 mm sand in the metal mold cavity.Then pouring and produce castings.

Iron mold coated sand pouring process has the following features compared to traditional hand pouring process:

1.Moulding is convenient and fast.No matter what type of casting sand, 2-3 minutes can be completed moulding.Moulding sand density, mold surface hardness, etc. guaranteed by the equipment, always the same, and do not need brush any paint.Not only smooth casting and also improve the castings shape sand szie accuracy

2.The iron casting mold has obvious cold shock effect during the crystallization process of the metal liquid, which can refine the grain size of the casting, thereby increasing the comprehensive strength of the casting, and at the same time avoiding the shortcomings of the metal mold casting due to the presence of the sand tire. Castings do not produce white mouths. For cast iron parts, various materials can be produced in cast state without heat treatment.

3.The mold composed of iron mold and thin sand tire has high rigidity after being locked, small deformation and fast cooling. The obtained casting has high dimensional precision, small processing allowance and dense organization, and is especially suitable for the production of nodular cast iron, in the production of nodular cast iron Can use the graphitized expansion of nodular cast iron to self-feed the castings—there is less spheroidal graphite cast iron and no riser casting to obtain high-quality castings; because the iron cooling is fast, the production of high-grade pearlite matrix disks, Rod and shaft castings are particularly advantageous

4.Castings produced by casting line hardness will be higher 20HB compared with Ordinary casting method

5.Cured coated sand solidified by the use of iron-type waste heat after casting to reduce the use of electricity, and the casting process has a closed-cycle production status, the production footprint is very small.

Prcoess flow of iron mold coated sand:

Preheat mold to a certain temperature→mold into moulding machine,then moulding sand→workers checking and repairing sand→close mold →pouring→open mold and castings comes out→Cleaning dirty sand→Moulding again


This technology is widely used to produce chrome casting mill ball, crankshaft, brake drum, wheel hub, , casting section, water meter case, engine cylinder cover and some other medium-small size of castings.Ningguo Zhicheng professional use this technology to offer grinding ball molding line

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