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Automatic Grinding Ball Heat Treatment production line

Automatic grinding ball heat treatment  production line is used to quench and tempering cast grinding media ball. Cast grinding ball heat treatment is whole fiber and energy saving.Automatic grinding ball heat treatment furnace is widely called steel grinding ball heat treatment equipment,grinding media ball heat treatment machine,mill grinding balls heat treatment plant,grinding steel ball tempering furnace,etc.
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Automatic grinding ball heat treatment furnace

Grinding Ball Heat Treatment Furnace Function:

Steel grinding ball heat treatment equipment is used to quench and tempering cast grinding balls.A complete grinding ball heat treatment furnace includes quenching furnace and tempering furnace.For high chrome cast grinding balls is not only quenching(by oil and by wind), but also tempering.For low chrome cast grinding balls just needs tempering.Grinding media ball heat treatment machine adopts hydraulic driving. PLC automatic control.High efficiency and energy saving.Mill grinding balls heat treatment plant just needs two workers to operate.

Grinding Ball Heat Treatment Furnace Main Parts:

Quenching and tempering furnace body

Plc control cabinet

Power cabinet

Hydraulic station


Shaking table 

Closed cooling tower


Heat resistant steel baskets 


The advantage of automatic grinding ball heat treatment furnace:

1)Setting up temperature test holes to test inner temperature of quenching and tempering furnace.

2)Fiber insulation cotton in the inner wall of the quenching and tempering furnace.These special design makes heat preservation improve 1-2 times compared with other ordinary quenching and tempering furnace.

3)It has 10cm from resistance wire to the bottom of the furnace,which can collect oxide skin together.This avoids short out phenomenon.

4)Special structure of resistance wire,it will not affect the capacity when changing the bottom resistance wire

5)The furnace adopts bottom energy-saving plate.This improves the heat dissipation of heating element and prolongs its life.

6)Resistance wire:purchase from Shanghai.The material is 0Cr27Ai7Mo2.The temperature resistance is 1400℃

7)Under the condition of normal operation,the heat resistant steel inside the furnace is one year warranty.

8)power control:Adopt bidirectional controlled silicon PID to adjust to control power.High precision temperature control.

9)temperature control:Adopt dual screen PID to adjust temperature controller independently and equip with human-computer interface.

10)PLC adopts from Omron brand.Electric parts brands from Delixi,China,etc.

11)the whole furnace is controlled by PLC,adopting combination of centralized and decentralized control.Touching screen,malfunction alarm and malfunction checking.

The whole production process of grinding ball heat treatment equipment:

Grinding balls into quenching furnace→Continuous heating each zones→Constant temperature→Grinding balls pushed out from quenching furnace→Upender grinding ball→Quenching→Grinding balls into tempering furnace→Heating→Grinding balls pushed out from tempering furnace →Indoor cooling →Packing grinding balls.All these are automatic controlled by PLC.

The production time of grinding ball heat treatment furnace is about 2 months

Compared with our grinding ball molding line,grinding ball heat treatment furnace is not only exported to Congo,Zimbabwe,Outer Mongolia, Zambia,South Africa,Malawi,Vietnam;but also Ecuador,Russia,Kazakhstan,North Korea,Ethiopia,Botswana,etc.

For a complete grinding ball heat treatment furnace,it needs about 2+pcs 40 OT containers.(It mainly depends on the capacity.The bigger capacity,the more container needed)

Our advantages:

1) We are the No.1 manufacturer in China for grinding media production line,grinding media heat treatment plant,grinding media mold,grinding ball producing related equipment.

2)20+Years manufacture experience

3)We have sold out 410+Grinding ball heat treatment furnaces.Customers are the best way to prove the quality of our grinding ball heat treatment furnaces

4) More than 40+patent for invention

For more detail information about grinding ball heat treatment furnace,please freely contact with us.We can offer more valuable information to you.

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