Grinding ball making machine
  • Automatic pouring machine
    Automatic pouring machine
    Automatic pouring machine is one part in grinding ball making machine. It's widely used in foundry. Adopt foreign advanced technology and international brand transmission, control components and control system technology, full mechanical servo or frequency conversion transmission, no hydraulic pressure, safe and reliable, smooth operation, easy maintenance. The basic composition of pouring machine includes pouring ladle, servo tilting mechanism, vertical moving system, horizontal moving mechanism, control and operating system and flow inoculating system, etc. It is suitable for continuous online casting of gray iron and ductile iron of different molding processes such as static pressure molding line, horizontal out-of-box molding line and self-hardening sand molding line, to improve production line efficiency and casting quality. The ladle structure is optimized and the thermal insulation performance is good ● Cylindrical casting bag with machine cover, less heat dissipation, good heat preservation effect. ● Pot shaped mouth, good slag blocking effect. ● Complete mechanical transmission is safe and reliable. Tilting casting is ac servo drive, with international brand servo motor and digital servo controller, the speed is stepless adjustable. Operate master and slave servo handle to achieve stable pouring and packaging. The vertical movement is driven by the rack and pinion, and the servo controller speed regulation and positioning, so that the pouring machine moves along the pouring section with fixed pitch and multi-pitch, so as to realize transposition pouring and tracking pouring. Transverse movement is driven by screw and reducer motor frequency conversion, used for adjusting and setting the transverse position of the nozzle. Advanced control and operating system The pouring machine is controlled by PLC with manual and semi-automatic working system. The operating table is equipped with control button and servo control handle and color man-machine interface, which can set and display the running parameters, monitor the running status and fault display, diagnosis and real-time alarm. The control management system adopts simplified Chinese menu. International brand PLC(lndraMotion MLC Runtime motion controller), servo controller, servo motor, operation display and man-machine interface and control handle. The MAIN control unit PLC has Ethernet and Profibus communication function. The necessary information exchange and interlocking control can be realized with the molding line. Complete and perfect pouring function ● There are interface input and teaching record two kinds of setting and storage, the stored pouring field position can be automatically recognized and called. ● Fine adjustment and modification of nozzle position when the shape of the nozzle changes during pouring, it can be adjusted by the button immediately. ● Steady pouring of isobaric head During pouring, the height and position of the nozzle remain unchanged to ensure stable pouring of isobaric head. ● Foot trace pouring function (option) using position sensor (or synchronous with modeling line servo drive mechanism), in the case of non-stop pouring to achieve tracking function. ● Real-time display of pouring speed ● Single pitch or multi-pitch transposition ● Lower limit of molten iron alarm and pouring timeout alarm   Reliable safety protection The equipment has reliable personal and equipment safety protection function. With program control lock to prevent misoperation. Synchronous flow inoculation The fluid-based inoculating device is composed of quantitative, blowing and infrared hot metal detector. Inoculating agent is added synchronously and uniformly with iron flow during pouring. The feed quantity is set by frequency converter, and the parameters can be stored in the system. Main specifications and technical parameters Modelling approach Self - hardening sand molding line Automatic hydrostatic molding line Horizontal out-of-box molding line Molding productivity 30 cases of / The 80-130 / The 80-130 / Freedom of movement of pouring machine Vertical, horizontal, ladle lifting and tilting Vertical move, horizontal move, tilt casting Vertical, horizontal, ladle lifting and tilting Ladle rated capacity 1.2T. 1.5T, 2T, 2.5T 0.8T, 1.2T, 1.5T, 2T, 4T 0.6T, 0.8T, 1T, 1.2T Casting speed 5-50 kg/s Pouring tilting speed 0 to 3 ° / s is adjustable Effective tilting Angle + 45 ° Longitudinal velocity 0-0.8 m/s Longitudinal pitch moving positioning accuracy +2 mm Ascension journey 1150mm(sand height difference 850mm) - 200-350mm Feed with flow 0-50g/s Individualized casting process scheme Static pressure molding line casting Static pressure molding automatic line sand box size, conveying pitch height consistent, suitable for vertical movement, horizontal movement and pouring ladle tilt pouring three degrees of freedom of movement of the pouring machine in the molding line cycle beat continuous pouring, improve the production efficiency and casting quality. Resin sand molding line casting Resin sand molding line for many varieties of production, sand size is different. The gate position is adjusted by lifting, transverting and transverting, and the tilt casting is carried out by three axis linkage. Large lifting stroke, fully meet the online continuous pouring when the gate position changes. Horizontal out-of-box molding line casting The height of the nozzle can be set on the interface according to the change of the height of the sand mold. The position of the gate can be adjusted by lifting, transverting and transverting to complete the tilting casting, so as to meet the continuous pouring within the cycle beat of the molding line. Automatic pouring machine for horizontal parting molding line   The machine is programmable automatic pouring machine, using the American AB servo and electronic control system, equipped with weighing system and imaging device, pouring process and parameters can be set according to the requirements of high precision, with automatic and semi-automatic working system conversion function. Vertical, horizontal, lifting, tilting pouring four-axis servo drive, with a large speed ratio range and stable speed regulation performance. Set up the outside control room, video device to monitor the operation. It is suitable for online pouring of automatic line of horizontal parting with box/out of box molding. Static pressure molding line large pouring machine   This machine has large casting ladle capacity, fast casting speed and large transversive stroke, which is suitable for on-line continuous casting of large static pressure molding line. Adopt vertical, horizontal and tilting pouring three-axis servo drive, the operation is stable and reliable. Set up the control room outside the machine, video device to monitor the running condition, away from the pouring section operation, safe and environmental protection. Fan servo control pouring machine   This machine is servo drive left and right tilting pouring machine, casting ladle is fan-shaped cross section. The machine is fully mechanical transmission, safe and efficient, used for automatic vertical parting molding line, continuous pouring within the cycle beat, improve production efficiency and casting quality.   Main components of equipment   The fan-shaped pouring machine mainly includes fan-shaped pouring ladle, random covering, pouring host, along with the flow inoculating device, electronic control system and operating table, etc. The molten iron outlet of the fan-shaped cross section ladle is close to the center of the fan-shaped circle, and the ladle cover is fixed on the ladle, which has good thermal insulation performance. A reverse pouring mechanism is provided. The machine has three movement degrees of freedom: vertical movement, horizontal movement and tilting pouring. Full mechanical drive, safe and reliable, easy operation and maintenance. The feeding screw is driven by frequency converter, which is accurate and easy to adjust. Adopt international brand PLC, touch screen and servo controller, frequency converter, can set and display the running parameters, monitor the running status and fault display, diagnosis real-time alarm. The control management system adopts simplified Chinese menu. Main technical features of the equipment   ● Tilting casting adopts servo control, tilting Angle and speed move according to the typical flow curve for a time, to achieve the necessary casting effect of the process, high repeatable positioning accuracy. ● According to the "slow a fast a slow, fast bag" pouring process, with a good process pouring speed to achieve pouring. ● When the casting is set to automatic, the pouring machine can automatically complete the casting cycle action. ● Computer and servo motor control the angular speed of the ladle, master from the handle to adjust the control of molten iron flow. ● With manual, automatic function, can input storage of different pouring parameters, to achieve different products pouring. ● Pouring machine can do X, Y two direction of movement, frequency conversion control. ● Automatic casting control system for the purpose of fast casting, suitable for high-speed vertical parting molding line automatic pouring.   Modelling approach Vertical molding automatic line Molding productivity The 180-300 / Freedom of movement of pouring machine Vertical move, horizontal move, tilt casting Ladle rated capacity 0.6T, 0.8T, 1T Casting speed 0-2.5 kg/s Feed with flow 0-20g/s Repetitive quantitative accuracy 5% or less power 8.62 kw Bottom injection type high speed pouring machine   The machine controls the opening and closing of the plug nozzle at the bottom of the pouring bag through the up and down movement of the plug rod. It is a bottom injection high-speed pouring machine. It includes bottom injection ladle, random ladle cover, plug rod lifting mechanism, vertical moving trolley, horizontal moving trolley, electric control system and operating platform, etc. The machine is advanced and efficient, the casting speed can reach 500 type/hour, suitable for high-speed vertical parting molding line online continuous casting, improve production efficiency and casting quality. Main configuration and functions The movement of the plug rod is controlled by digital servo, the movement of horizontal, vertical and tilting waste iron water is controlled by hydraulic pressure, and the cleaning rod is controlled by cylinder. The pouring sensor adopts a camera to capture the gate and the positioning hole, and is equipped with a weighing sensor. With the host modeling signal linkage, sand count, automatic control plug rod rotation, automatic control cleaning rod, automatic control inoculant, automatic saving template information, through the servo system for accurate pouring, continuous pouring and other functions. Video automatic pouring function Designed around the ability to use molten iron to continuously and properly cast sand molds, this is achieved by measuring and controlling the molten iron level in the spate cup. The image of liquid level of molten iron can be captured and filtered into precise liquid level information by intelligent digital camera, and then the liquid level information is transmitted to PLC for use in control program. The control program compares the actual level with the CPU level required by the control program to determine the degree of plug opening based on the difference between the actual level and the required level. Main technical parameters Ladle capacity: 1.5 tons Maximum pouring speed: 500 type/hour   Bottom injection insulation pouring machine This machine adopts medium frequency power supply for induction heating of hot metal, used for automatic line of vertical parting molding, online hot metal insulation and continuous pouring. Medium frequency heat preservation ladle is made by professional electric furnace manufacturer. The lifting and lifting of plug rod is controlled by servo. The vertical and horizontal movement is driven by frequency conversion. By changing the input power of the furnace, the machine can accurately control the heating rate and pouring temperature of molten iron. The heating speed is fast, and the low temperature molten iron can be easily reused. Main technical specifications Rated capacity (T) Heating capacity (T/1000C/h) Rated power (KW) Thermal insulation power (KW) Power supply voltage (V) Pouring speed (box/hour) Cooling water consumption (m3/h) 0.8 2 100 50-60 380 360 2 1.5 3 200 60-70. 380 360 < 4
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  • Automatic Pouring machine
    Pouring machine Foundry Manufacturer
    Automatic pouring machine is one part in grinding ball making machine. It's widely used in foundry.
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  • Grinding Steel Ball Making Equipment
    Cast Grinding Ball Making Machine
    Cast Grinding Ball Making Machine includes all the machine to produce cast grinding balls.Grinding ball molding line,grinding ball manual mold,grinding ball quenching furnace,grinding ball tempering furnace,and grinding ball separators
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  • Grinding ball sorting machine
    Automatic Grinding Media Ball Sorting Machine
    After grinding media balls produced from mould,it can be put in grinding media ball sorting machines to separate and sort of grinding media balls,the sand,the pouring gate and runners
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  • Automatic casting ball machines
    Automatic High Chrome Ball Production Equipment
    Automatic High Chrome Ball Production Equipment professional produce cast grinding balls.From diameter 40mm to 150mm.
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  • Grinding Ball Manufacturing Machine
    Grinding Ball Manufacturing Equipment
    Grinding Ball Manufacturing Equipment include induction furnace,grinding ball production line,grinding ball mold,grinding ball separator,grinding ball heat treatment furnace and so on.In this,we  mainly introduce grinding ball production line and grinding ball mold 
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  • Grinding Media Mill Ball Casting Line
    Chrome Grinding Media Mill Ball Casting Line ZQJX-840-F4
    ZQJX-840-F4 Chrome Mill Ball Production Line is used to produce steel grinding balls.Grinding steel ball production line can produce grinding media mill ball from Dia 40mm to Dia 150mm.The capacity is from 10000 ton grinding ball to 15000 ton grinding ball.The whole Steel grinding media ball casting line just need 4 main workers.The grinding ball mold size in this production line is 840mm*840mm.
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  • Casting Chrome Grinding Ball Production Line
    Chrome Mill Ball Production Line ZQJX-630-F4
    ZQJX-630-F4 Chrome Mill Ball Production Line is used to produce grinding steel balls.It can produce grinding media ball from Dia 40mm to Dia 150mm.The capacity is from 5000 ton grinding ball in cast to 10000 ton grinding ball in cast every year.The whole Steel grinding ball production line just need 4 main workers.The grinding ball mold size in this production line is 630mm*630mm.
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  • grinding media ball molding line
    Automatic Grinding Ball Molding Line
    Automatic grinding ball molding line adopts sand coated in metal mold cavity technology.Cast grinding ball production line widely used to produce cast grinding media balls which are used in mining industries,cement plant,power plant,etc.Steel grinding ball casting line is full- automatic and just need 4 workers.Producing grinding ball from Dia 40mm to 150mm
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  • Forged steel ball equipment
    Forged grinding balls equipment
    Forged grinding balls equipment has two types production way. One is forging, the other is hot rolling. Forging is suitable for big size balls. If the size is very small, hot rolling is better choice. Air hammer forging grinding balls equipment is one way to produce forged grinding balls
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  • Iron Pouring Ladle
    Pouring Ladle Foundry Manufacturer
    Pouring Ladle is widely used in all kinds of foundry
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  • Grinding Ball Falling Test Machine
    Steel Grinding Ball Falling Test Machine
    Steel Grinding Ball Falling Test Machine is used to test the fatigue life for grinding balls 
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