Grinding ball making machine
Pouring Ladle For South Africa 2019-04-29

These days,we have exported our pouring ladles to our customer in South Africa.These customers purchase all the equipment about making grinding ball equipment in 2018. Please visit Complete Grinding Ball Casting Line For South Africa Customer.

Our machines is mainly used to produce grinding media.Grinding media is used in mine,cement plant,power station,and so on.Especially high demand in mining.So our grinding media equipment has sold to many Africa countries.Grinding Ball Making Machines For Congo Customer,Complete Automated Grinding Ball Making Equipment For Zimbabwe Customer,Later,at the end of this month,we will spend 12pcs of 40 OT containers to load our grinding ball machines to Zambia.Next month,we will use 3pcs of 40 OT containers to Load grinding ball heat treatment machines to Zimbabwe.When loading,I will share news with you.Cement plant also need grinding balls,in Vietnam,there are a lot of cement plant,so our producing grinding ball machine is also exported to Vietnam. Automatic Casting Grinding Media Ball Molding Line For Vietnam Customer.

Customer from South Africa purchased 4 pcs of pouring ladles.They say they will buy other grinding ball machines in the future.

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