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The Advantages of Using Grinding Media Ball Casting Line 2019-04-29

With the development of society,the way of producing grinding media in our country is from producing by hand to by machines.In the 80s,metal ball casting mold gradually replace sand box mould,because casting ball metal mould adopts chill forming technology which makes grinding media balls’ inner structure more refined and closer.Then surface hardness and inner hardness of grinding mill balls are almost the same.The grinding balls have better wear resistance.Until now,grinding ball metal casting mold is still widely used.For smaller size grinding balls,we just suggest customer use sand box,because sand box mould has high production for smaller size steel grinding balls.But grinding balls produced by ball mill balls metal mold has a big limited.It is grinding ball head.In this part,it is easy to out of round and easy break in this part.While the grinding balls producing by grinding media production line is not like this.It is not easy to out of round and not easy to break

Producing high cast grinding ball by metal mould: the advantage of this way is low cost and easy operation,but the workers are very tired when working.Most people can not bear this working condition,working environment,especially in Summer.What is more,the workers directly pour molten iron,it is not safe. Now days,more and more people do not choose this job.In the workshop of grinding media production,we seldom seem young people.Most workers are the age above 50.As the increase of age,it is very difficult to find workers for grinding media ball plant.

Producing steel grinding balls by automatic molding line:At the beginning,the automatic grinding media ball casting line designed by us needs 7 workers.For example,Dia 100mm grinding balls,the capacity per hour is 2ton/h.Now,the automatic grinding media ball casting line just needs 4 workers.It is very easy to operate,even women can operate it.The capacity per hour for Dia 100mm is 6ton/h.

The grinding ball production line designed by our factory has following advantages:

1. Just need few workers.Full automatic.

2. Stable and reliable.The grinding ball production line can run steadily and reliably.So the grinding media quality are also stable and reliable.

3. Intelligent control.Full make use of automation

4. Economical and adaptable.Just few workers,so just pay few workers.Compared metal ball mold casting,workers are not tried.The working environment is good.

5.Safeness and environmental protection.Through self-locking, interlocking and interlocking control procedures, the stability of the equipment and the safety of personnel are improved      What is more,there are smoke and dust removal station in moulding area,pouring area,and cooling area.Customers can add environment equipment according the requirement of production.

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