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South Africa Customer Learn Producing Grinding Balls 2019-08-20

South Africa customer learn producing grinding balls

On 11th,January,2018,This customer from South Africa singed The Complete Grinding Ball Casting Line with our factory.Please see South Africa Complete Grinding Ball Casting Line.

After three months,Our engineer finished the guide installation for grinding media ball casting line.After training the workers,South Africa workers start to produce casting balls.

Now it is August 2019,at some stage,they also meet some little problem in producing grinding balls.So they want to have a systematic learning about making grinding media balls.

In August 2019,the plant manager Mr Dean visit with his workmate Ms Hailey visited us.They told us about some problems that they are facing.They also want to purchase some other spare

parts.After discussing these,we took them to visit our customer’s factory to learn how to produce grinding balls and how to manager the factory better.

We took them visit several customers of us,after visiting,they said it helped them a lot in manager their casting ball production line.No matter life of job,we all can meet problems,but we should learn and solve it.

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