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Casting Grinding Ball Manufacturing Process 2019-04-29

If you want to produce the qualified casting grinding balls,you must have good equipment.Only having good equipment,then you can produce qualified products.Ningguo Zhicheng Machine Manufacturing Co.Ltd as the top manufacturer for casting grinding ball equipment in China can offer all good grinding ball equipment to you.

There are main FIVE steps in casting grinding ball manufacturing process.Melting raw material(Scarp),Making casting grinding balls,Separating and cleaning,Heat treatment,Grinding Balls

Melting furnace

For melting raw material,it needs melting furnace.As our factory does not manufacture induction furnace,I will not introduce too much about induction furnace.Most of customer ask us to recommend supplier of induction furnaces to them.We can also recommend to you,but the decision must depend on you.

Grinding Ball Production Line and Grinding Media Mold(Metal mold and sand box mould)

Grinding Ball Production Line also called grinding media ball molding line,which is used to produce cast grinding balls.From Dia 40mm to Dia 150mm.The annual capacity is from 5000 ton to 15000 ton.There are two types chrome mill ball casting line widely sold in our factory.One is ZQJX-630-F4 casting ball casting line,the other is ZQJX-840-F4 casting ball casting line.More detail information about grinding ball production line,please visit Automatic Grinding Ball Molding Line

Grinding Media Mold

Grinding ball metal mould:Even the grinding ball manufacturers produce grinding balls by grinding ball production line,they also use these grinding ball metal mould to produce casting chrome grinding mill balls.More detail information about grinding ball metal mould,please visit Cast Grinding Ball Metal Mold

Sand box mould:These sand box mould is used to produce smaller grinding media balls and grinding media cylpeb.High production.Please visit Grinding Media Sand Box Mould

Separating and cleaning for grinding balls

After making,the grinding mill balls are formed.At this time,we should use separating machine to break the grinding balls from pouring gate,runners and cleaning residual sand.This machine are called grinding ball separator.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is the last process in producing mill balls.High chrome cast grinding balls does not only need quenching but also tempering.Low chrome grinding media balls just need tempering.There are many models for grinding media balls heat treatment furnaces.Details information,please visit Grinding Ball Heat Treatment Furnace

Grinding Balls

Grinding balls used in mine,cement plant,power station,chemical industrial,etc.Please visit Cast Grinding Media Ball

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