The Development History Of Chinese Grinding Ball
DateTime: 2016-07-26

 Since the 70sChinese began to produce grinding balls.At that timethere were two ways to produce grinding balls.One used cupola furnace to produce cast grinding ballsthe other was forged grinding balls.Cast grinding balls used cupola furnace to melt iron water and tidal sand mold method.The chemical composition and iron water temperature did not easily controlled,so the grinding balls quality was poorowned high breakage rate and low wear resistance.The forged grinding balls adopted forging method.The chemical composition of billet steel was more stable and the toughness was good.This forged grinding balls had lower hardnesslow wear resistance and toughness was goodbut the breakage was little.So at that timeforged grinding balls had better quality than cast grinding balls.

 At the beginning of 80sa new molding technology came out.It also used cupola furnacebut we used metal mold.This mold just produced one ball for each mold.Building casting head.This technology took advantage of the chilling characteristics of metal mold casting,which made the grinding balls more grain refinement.After heat treatmentthe grinding balls quality was improved highly.At that timethe quality of cast grinding balls and used quantity were over than forged grinding balls.At the middle of 80sthe representative enterprise---Fengxing Wear-resistant Materials Co.,Ltd started to used combination metal mold.It used afterheat of metal mold to solidify silicate-bonded sands to produce grinding balls.At the same timewe tried to add wear resistance alloy in the iron water.As the iron water temperature was low by cupola furnace and the Mobility of iron water was poor,we just added little alloy.These hugely improved the production efficiency of cast grinding balls and also included the quality.As the middle frequency furnace appeared,it was possible to get high quality iron water.Some forward-looking business men used cupola furnace to melt;then poured the melt water into the middle frequency furnace to adjust the chemical composition to get high quality iron water.From then on,cast grinding ball started to add alloy.              At the beginning of 90s, using cupola furnace and middle frequency furnace to produce alloy iron water and adopting combination metal mold were the main production method.But at that time,the alloy casting was low chrome cast grinding balls.At that time,the low chrome cast grinding ball quality was very good.Compared with forged grinding balls,the wear resistance was more than double of forged grinding balls.That time,it was hugely development of cast grinding balls.The quality;capacity and used quantity of cast grinding balls were much over than forged grinding balls.At 90s,the manufacturers who produced forged grinding balls also took measures for forged grinding balls.As the medium frequency power was smaller than before,they started to Customized special steel,the forged grinding balls quality also got improved.

 At the begining of 20s,As the medium frequency power was smaller than before,then middle frequency furnace was widely used in cast,which hugely improved the quality of iron water.At that time,the cast grinding balls manufacturer started to produce high chrome cast grinding balls.It took a very long time for high chrome cast grinding ball from wind quenching to oil quenching and the quality of high chrome cast grinding balls got improved.At 20s,cast grinding balls started to produce by production line.As high chrome cast grinding balls was widely used;good wear resistance and low breakage,it almost occupied all the cement plant in our country.No one used forged grinding balls in cement plant.When the stage of wind quenching of high chrome cast grinding balls,50% mine still used forged grinding balls as it had little breakage.As oil quenching of high chrome cast grinding balls and alloy technology,most of mines in our country use cast grinding balls.Onlyφ6m above ball mill used forged grinding balls as consideration of safe.

 In recent decades,production line producing cast grinding balls is the main trend.The big enterprises in our country almost use iron mold coated sand production line.It saves the lands;improves the working environment and reduce labor.The iron mold coated sand technology plays a very important role in improving the impact toughness of grinding balls.To improve the wear resistance of cast grinding balls,produce grinding balls by metal mold.Although it improved the wear resistance,it sacrificed toughness of grinding balls.The high chrome cast grinding balls produced by combination metal mold,the toughness is 2.5J/cm2;While by iron mold coated sand production line,the toughness is 4J/cm2 above.The max is 5.3J/cm2 during testing.So the most advanced grinding balls production process----iron mold coated sand+oil quenching.



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