Grinding Ball Making Line
DateTime: 2016-09-01

Grinding ball making line

This grinding ball making line can produce grinding ball from 40mm-130mm.The grinding ball making line just need 4 workers.This grinding ball making line is automatic.The advanatge is below.


(1)Alternating with live and non-live roller,which makes the whole line operation smoothly.It can run normally even lacking of mould

(2)Only 3-4 people to operate the whole line

3)The moulding line and pouring line realize the function of non-interfering,inter-supply and hoarding,stabilize and speed up the space of real-load running.

(4)The fasted speed of pouring line 25

(5)Four size ball mould can run at the same time

(6)Providing far distance service by wifi,when there is electric damage on the device,the user can alarm and the display screen can show the mistake reason solving method.The operator can call our service center,our company can solve the damage by website,highly improve the quality of after sale service.

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